The Star of the Two Worlds, Etoile des Deux Mondes, La Estrella de los Dos Mundos, Lodge of The Grand Orient de France, Orient of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our Resp:. Lodge:. publishes its Masonic Coffees instituted during the pandemic and institutionalized since.

Under the title “To continue working together no matter what”, Volume 1, in English, is particularly addressed to the Brothers and Sisters residing in the USA and practicing forms of Masonry other than the non-dogmatic one under the auspices of the Grand Orient de France. It aims to inform them about the work of the Brothers and Sisters of the GODF.

It is also addressed to those like you who have contacted us or have been contacted in the past for our mutual benefit. The main principles of our Order are published in the chapter “The Masonic Approach of the Continental Liberal and Non-Dogmatic Freemasonry of the Grand Orient de France” (use our contact form to get your copy).